Our company's focus is on producing the ideal living for people looking for either a permanent residence, or a holiday home in Verbier. Through our exclusive partnership with the renowned architect bureau Stéphan and Vincent Luiser we can guarantee access to some of the most attractive real estate objects obtainable in Verbier.

Verbier Properties Sales
Personalized service where we focus on the exact needs and wishes of our clients. Only after a first personal meeting will we suggest a suitable property.

We work in close partnership with the brothers Luisier; born in the valley and with architecture in their veins, as it was their father who once founded their architect bureau.

With more than 30 years experience between them of creating chalets and apartment buildings in the area, they know the importance of adapting new and modern chalets to the local traditional architecture.
Verbier Properties Service
As our clients started to move in to their new homes, we got a different set of questions:
Our guests arrive before us, can you let them in?
Where can we book a ski-guide who speaks our language?
Where do we buy a car?

This resulted in the creation of a members-only services arm of Verbier Properties that will allow you to focus on the fun things.
Verbier Properties Administration
As a property owner in Switzerland there is an array of information that can be of interest to you.

We make sure your know all you need to know, from providing you with a comprehensive cost-follow up of your second home to ensure your tax return form is submitted in time.

Scenic photos: Jancsi & Myriam Hadik
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